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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at New York University (NYU)

Alana Wieczorek is a Content Analyst on our Education Research Team and joined Hanover in 2017!

What has been your most memorable experience with Hanover, to date?

Feeling welcomed by my coworkers right from the start. The company’s annual firm-wide meeting and party turned out to be during the first week of my employment. Although I was first hesitant to attend an event after work hours without barely knowing anyone yet, the coworkers and other new hires I had met that week made me feel right at home.  Hanover allows one to establish his or her place within the company fast, whether it be joining different groups or being party of community service and social events.

What skills can new Hanoverians expect to learn? 

New Hanoverians can expect to work in a fast-paced environment while effectively managing their time. They will also acquire sets of skills that will allow them to effectively collaborate and share ideas, and learn high-level critical thinking. Hanoverians will learn to think outside the box in order to address challenges and unique projects.

Why did you choose Hanover, and why should others work here?

I chose to work at Hanover after learning about the company’s goals and culture, as well as the innovative and high quality research it produces. Hanover is one of the fastest growing companies in the DC area, and it offers a clear path for professional growth and improvement. Working here will allow others to develop a high-level set of skills and the opportunity to be part of innovative projects. Hanover also offers a very supportive work environment, with the opportunity to pursue or try out different roles within the organization.

Hanover will be at NYU on March 1, see you there! 

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