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April 2014 Kid Power Public Speaking Seminar

On Wednesday, April 9, over 20 Hanover Research employees from both DC-area offices participated in the April 2014 Kid Power Public Speaking Seminar. Hanover staff split into two groups and ventured to Jefferson Middle School and Amidon-Bowen Elementary School in Southwest DC in order to teach public speaking skills to Kid Power students of all ages.

After a brief introduction about public speaking fundamentals, Hanover staff demonstrated these skills in action through two games. The first game focused on using and listening to descriptive speech. Students were challenged to guess the words on cards they could not see, including people, places, and things, by listening to their peers’ descriptions. The second game explained the elements of a sales pitch to students and asked them to make a “shark tank” pitch for such items as a hover board, a robot, or a Mario game. After the pitches, Hanover staff “bought” the items with stickers!

Hanover has worked closely with Kid Power’s Summer Leadership Academy as well as its elementary and middle school after school programs. This event marks the continuation of Hanover’s successful partnership with Kid Power, which was the community partner for the 2013 Company-Wide Day of Service. The event also demonstrates Hanover’s continuing commitment to strengthening the DC community, and Hanover is planning additional events with Kid Power for later in 2014!

As a bonus, Hanover staff ran into Kid Power volunteer Max, who was a Summer 2013 Research Intern! Max is headed to New York City to participate in Teach for America this fall. Good luck, Max!

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  1. Ritamilov

    Hanover is to be commened. Go KidPower

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