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April Lunch & Learn: Client Solutions

April’s Lunch and Learn feature on Client Solutions drew a large crowd of employees interested in the department’s functions and the common career pathway from the Development team to Client Solutions. Hanover’s company-wide Lunch and Learn series explores the unique functions of each department and allows employees to ask questions about the products, roles and responsibilities of each team. Kelly Kessler and Lucas Tyler, both Client Solutions Managers on the Higher Education team, explained their core job responsibilities, the departments they interact with, their dynamic day-to-day schedules, and their personal pathways from Development Associates to entry-level Client Solutions Managers during the meeting.

Members of the Client Solutions team touch a number of departments to ensure continuing customer satisfaction, including those in sales and research. When a new client signs with Hanover, the assigned Client Solutions Manager liaises with the responsible Development Director for a full debrief on the new client’s desires. Throughout the contract period, Client Solutions works closely with Content Directors to ensure Hanover’s clients receive stellar service and have a plan for using their project pipeline. Ensuring customer satisfaction and retention also includes identifying ways in which Hanover can meet additional client needs that arise during the partnership. Integral in the development of fruitful relationships with Hanover’s clients, many Client Solutions Managers are internal hires, often transitioning from the Development team.

Kessler and Tyler were both interested in Client Solutions because of the opportunities for career advancement. Not only does the team afford its members the opportunity to get closer to the work Hanover does for its partners, the leader of Client Solutions, Senior Vice President Jennifer Vaziralli, makes sure that all of her team members have the opportunity to develop relationship management and commercial skills that will advance their career. In addition to Jennifer Vaziralli’s tutelage, newer teammates learn from seasoned members of Client Solutions, who play an important role in their continual development. Client Solutions piqued a ton of additional interest in available positions with this Lunch and Learn. Questions kept the meeting going for 15 minutes after the designated ending time.

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