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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research (Arlington Office)

“I think about of all the fears you will have in college, one of the worst is “what if I sent myself to school for 4-5 years for something I realize I might not want to do?” Graduating from my alma mater was hard for me – and transitioning into the real world was a lot harder, because while all my friends were figuring out their next steps and announcing them on Facebook with their 500+ likes, I had no idea where my path was leading me and I had zero likes about it.

Finding Hanover for me was finding the perfect sweatshirt on a rainy day, running into only green traffic lights throughout all my drives into DC, and always finding myself with just enough change to pay for parking. I never considered myself in a position such as the Business Development Associate role at Hanover, but as my mentor in college had taught me, I treated my interview as a reverse interview – in which I could learn about the company and see if I could picture myself growing in it – and I stayed open-minded. Before I knew it, I got the job offer and was living in a new state with new friends, new traditions, and really great snacks.

Since I first started at Hanover in July, I’ve grown more than I could have ever imagined. Cold calling is not an easy task, but at the end of the day, it’s all based on your perspective. I treat every interaction as a new opportunity to connect with another individual and make a difference in the world of education, and that’s why this role gives me joy (corny, I know).

I truly believe that with passion and dedication, you will have the opportunity to excel in this role. Hanover has opened doors for me, and I believe it can for anyone who has the potential to grow and is willing to put in the time and effort. My experiences within just 5 months of being at this company include strategic team-building events, being sent to Florida for a conference with presidents of universities, and getting promoted!

I suggest always staying open-minded when you search for your next steps in life – don’t just go by the books, and don’t follow a path you laid out for yourself 4-5 years ago when you were a completely different person. Ask questions and figure out where you belong now, as the person you are now… You might just find yourself at Hanover.”

-Lianne Luu, Senior Development Associate on the Higher Education team, has been at Hanover since graduating from Penn State with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

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