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Community Service: 2014 Company-Wide Day of Service

By Hannah Stopnicki, J.D., Content Analyst

On Friday, July 18th, over 100 Hanoverians ventured to Jefferson Middle School in Washington, DC to participate in Hanover’s annual company-wide Day of Service. This event marks Hanover’s continued partnership with Kid Power’s Summer Leadership Academy, and is one of several events with Kid Power that take place every year.

The day began with getting to know one another over pizza and lemonade, followed by ice breaker games led by Hanover’s office manager, Abbey Swan. After introductions, participants broke into smaller groups and chose to participate in one of four activities:

  • A sales and marketing discussion led by Hanover’s sales team, where Hanoverians offered marketing how-to’s for Kid Power’s homemade hot sauce,
  • A garden beautification project, where Hanoverians and Kid Power kids painted garden signs and the garden gates for Kid Power’s vegetable garden (where they grow the vegetables for the hot sauce!),
  • Summer school preparation, where Hanoverians decorated bulletin boards for Jefferson Middle School in preparation for the summer bridge program, and
  • Basketball, kickball, and playground games, for the most energetic Hanoverians and Kid Power kids, unafraid of the summer sun!

After fun in the sun and time spent improving the school, the events were called to a close with a group shot, big thank yous, and goodbyes. Everyone was all smiles at the end of the day! A few Hanoverians lingered for a massive Kid Power water balloon fight, while the rest made their way towards the Hanover happy hour at the nearby Cantina Marina. Hanover even received a mention in the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates blog, when Kid Power kid Makayla wrote a “Letter from Camp” detailing the fun summer she’s had with Kid Power, noting the recent “field day with volunteers from Hanover Research.”

After, Patrick DiSalvo, Kid Power Site Director, thanked Hanover for the event, saying, “Your volunteers were great and really helped out not only Kid Power, but the school as well!”

Here’s what attendees had to say about the event:

“My favorite part of the Day of Service wasn’t any of the activities. When the kids arrived for lunch, one girl asked me where we were from. When I said Hanover Research, several kids that heard me got really excited. It’s nice to know the kids remember us and have a good time whenever we visit.” -Noah Vegh Gaynor, Research Associate

“I really enjoyed getting to interact with my Hanover colleagues as well as Kid Power during the Hanover Day of Service. There were a number of options for activities which made it easy to find something to do. It was especially fun to work with the Kid Power kids to paint signs for the garden and the garden gates. Kid Power is a fantastic organization.” -Matthew Sellman, Research Associate

“I loved getting to see my colleagues take what they do day-in and day-out and teach it as a life skill. I think a lot of people see sales as just pushing product. I enjoyed watching Paul Curtis address that stereotype head-on by explaining the importance of listening, understanding your audience and their needs, and what it means to sell responsibly and consultatively. At the end of the day, the Kid Power kids understood that sales is a lot more about problem-solving and meeting others’ needs than just convincing someone to do something.” -Betty Jeanne Cupcheck, Associate Director, Corporate Communications

“I immensely enjoyed the day of service! It was great to get out of the office, enjoy the fresh air, and clown around with the kids. The Hanover sales and marketing teams had the privilege of helping Kid Power students devise sales strategies for their three unique and tasty brands of hot sauce. Each team of Hanoverians and students developed a basic sales pitch with branching paths to sell hot sauce to people with different preferences. Now the kids are prepared for their hot sauce sale and fundraiser in August. I couldn’t have been more impressed with their creativity, respectfulness, and curiosity towards the sales process. Big props to Paul Curtis for his leadership and engaging sales activities for the kids!” – Will Hea, Business Research Manager

“Of the many group events we organize throughout the year, our annual Day of Service is by far the most fun and rewarding for our staff. We have formed a special relationship with a wonderful local organization, Kid Power, which has hosted our last two large events, in addition to smaller events throughout the year. At events large and small, Hanover employees interact with the kids in a variety of ways including giving tips on public speaking, leading interactive, playful workshops, playing a variety of indoor and outdoor games, painting creative projects together, and much more!” -Kim Tracy, Manager, HR Special Projects

“I really enjoyed getting out of the office to go help a local middle school prepare for their summer program. It was great to see the kids and improve the school.” -Thomas Sanders, Research Intern

“As part of the education research team at Hanover Research, it is easy to get lost in data and best practices. Working with students made me realize who we are helping with our projects. It was also fun to see other Hanoverians and I were able to interact with the kids, and the happy hour wasn’t bad either!” -Beth Greene, Content Analyst


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