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We are proud of our track record of rewarding superior performance and employee engagement instead of prioritizing tenure. Employees who exceed performance targets and demonstrate strong leadership qualities will see quick promotion and growth within the company.

We also pride ourselves on spotting talent and investing the time and resources needed to strengthen our employees’ skills even further across their tenure with us. Hanover Research provides and encourages continuous professional development training, company mentorships, and interdepartmental collaboration so that our employees have the tools necessary to elevate their subject matter expertise and advance their careers.

In addition to investing in our core career paths, our aggressive future growth plan allows for new roles and internal career paths to become available continuously. These developments empower our employees with opportunities to explore new ways to benefit both the company and our clients.

Team-Based Learning

Hanover employees work on teams that support specific industries, practice areas, or research methodologies. They gain first-hand experience providing exceptional service to clients by working closely with peers and managers. Examples include:

Research Team Development

Research teams range in size from under ten to nearly thirty people. Most teams are built around a Managing Content Director (MCD) who oversees five to seven Content Directors (CDs) and fifteen to twenty researchers ranging in tenure from Senior Consultant to Research Associate.

  • Team members work together to service a pool of clients, with MCDs overseeing the general health of the pool, coaching CDs in their management of specific relationships, and allocating resources to projects. CDs work directly with clients to scope and outline projects and then manage those research projects after they are assigned to the appropriate researchers.
  • Research assignments are based on project complexity and staff experience, so new hires sometimes find themselves working with a great deal of autonomy while at other times they are closely managed by a more experienced, senior colleague. Researchers are exposed to a variety of methodologies and project types, depending on the practice or industry served, and may work on sophisticated quantitative studies, market evaluations, new product launches or literature reviews and best practices.
  • Smaller teams of research specialists often report to a manager who oversees a certain type of work, for example, Quantitative Research. While MCDs and CDs focus on developing long-term relationships with a specific group of clients, other team members, those without client-facing roles, have an opportunity to rotate to new teams, which allows team members to gain exposure to different practice areas and project types and ultimately develop expertise in those areas that interest them the most.

Revenue Team Development

Revenue teams support the sales cycle by identifying opportunities in a vast marketplace, engaging prospective clients, securing new partners, and managing client accounts.

  • Initial Outreach—Sales/Development Associates assist their Director with background market research. They identify and schedule consultative meetings with senior-level executives and determine prospective clients’ short- and long-term strategic goals.
  • Making the Sale—Directors are responsible for coaching and mentoring Associates through sales training and ongoing coaching. Topics include how to deliver an effective presentation and how to align prospective clients’ challenges with Hanover’s solutions. Directors articulate Hanover’s value to prospective clients and see relationships through their formative stages.
  • Maintaining the Relationship—The Client Solutions team is charged with overseeing and expanding client relationships. These individuals are a client’s point of contact throughout their partnership with Hanover, providing on-demand service to address research needs

Corporate Learning Specialists

In addition to on-the-job learning provided by supervisors and project managers, Hanover invests in employee professional development through several training units across the company. The Research, Sales/Development, and Client Solutions teams each have their own dedicated training unit focused entirely on curriculum development, new hire onboarding, on-demand consultations, workshop facilitation, individualized coaching, and internal interview preparation. Hanover’s learning specialists are committed to helping each employee find success in their current role and leverage their unique talents to advance within the company.