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Hanover Finishes Second in D.C. Corporate Soccer League

In a hard-fought championship game this week, Hanover Research’s intermural soccer team (Hanover FC) placed second in D.C.’s Downtown Corporate Soccer League this season. This marked a valient attempt to defend the throne, as the team placed first in last season’s league. Despite boasting a host of college soccer players and enthusiastic novices, Hanover FC was finally nudged out of the top spot by a formidable opponent. Nevertheless, they were still greeted with cheers from coworkers upon their return to work the next day.

On a positive note, Hanover FC started off its new season with the D.C. National Mall Outdoor League with a 6-3 victory on Tuesday, putting them at 1-0-0 for the season. We look forward to tracking their continued success. Good luck, team!

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