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Hanover Participates in UPenn’s “Discovery Days” Job Shadowing Program

discoveryday3On Thursday, January 7th, University of Pennsylvania juniors Alex Grizos and Mikie Sakanaka visited Hanover Research for a career “Discovery Day.” This is the second time Hanover has partnered with Penn in order to provide unique job shadowing opportunities for curious students. Our goal is to show our visitors what it’s really like to work for Hanover. We do this with mock exercises, simulations, trainings, and – of course – time spent with our wonderful Hanoverians. While the Discoverers spent their morning learning about the company and our research process, they took a break to lunch with two Hanover researchers (one of whom is a Penn alum!). In the afternoon, Alex and Mikie worked on two project simulations, learned some valuable Excel skills, and spoke with a recruiter about our summer internship program. We closed out the afternoon by inviting Alex and Mikie to our monthly Content Happy Hour for snacks and schmoozing. Thanks, Alex and Mikie for your visit!

See what Alex and Mikie had to say:

Alex Grizos –

My day at Hanover Research allowed me the opportunity to explore market research, and provided me with a thorough insight into the daily lives of different careers. Everyone I met passionately discussed how their career ambitions had led them to their current position at Hanover. As a junior, I found this experience to be invaluable in discovering the many paths that lie ahead after graduation. Hearing professionals in the field discuss how they arrived at Hanover highlighted the particular aspects of the company that attract employees from diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

Mikie Sakanaka –

I came into the day not knowing what exactly to expect; I wasn’t quite sure what an information services firm did, nor what the day to day experience of a researcher might be.  In reading about Hanover prior to the visit, I was intrigued by the possibility of getting to meet people who conduct research on education as a profession, as that is something I have recently become very interested in.  My visit to the office answered every question I had about Hanover Research and about information services, and I was so excited to learn how much emphasis Hanover puts on education research! My interest in Hanover and in information services (as well as market research) was greatly amplified after meeting you and the other researchers and employees at Hanover!



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