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Hanover Pride About Town

Hanover Pride, Hanover Research’s affinity group for LGBTQ+ and allied employees, comprises a multitude of members active in the Washington Metro Area’s LGBTQ+ community. For example, Katy Bristow – Grants Content Director extraordinaire – sings in a small community choir in Silver Spring called Six Degree Singers. On January 16th, the group performed a benefit concert in Rockville, Maryland to benefit an LGBTQ organization called Honorary Nieces and Nephews. The organization provides financial support for homeless/foster LGBTQ youth, including academic scholarships and support for basic needs. The concert, “Love Songs and Waltzes” lived up to its name and included love songs ranging from Willie Nelson to Brahms. The photo below features Katy (front and center) singing her heart out – way to go, Katy!

Bummed that you missed it? Fret not! The Six Degree Singers will be performing this same set this Saturday and Sunday (January 30 and 31) at Rockville United Church and Hughes United Methodist Church in Wheaton. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online. Be sure to stop by to treat your ears and support a great cause.


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