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Hanover Organization of Women (HOW) – Brown Bag Lunch Series

HOW Brown Bag

– Jill Ross, Senior Research Associate

On Thursday, July 17 the Hanover Organization of Women (HOW) met for its second Brown Bag Lunch, a monthly series that brings women from all over the organization together to discuss the unique issues we confront in the workplace. During this month’s gathering, participants watched several commercials that challenge commonly-held perceptions of working women, address the omnipresence of apologies in women’s speech, and elucidate the degradation of girls. What struck me most about the ensuing discussion was the sheer diversity of opinions represented among the women present. It was enlightening to hear perspectives from a wide array of ladies who brought such different life experiences and priorities to the conversation. The HOW lunches are attended by women from different departments at Hanover and at different points in their career. However, the discussion is always candid and provides all employees the opportunity to express themselves freely. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to hear from women who have been in the work force for longer than I have. Often, they have had to traverse similar terrain and are able to offer helpful insight and advice.

Hear what other Hanover employees had to say about the event:

“I always really look forward to the HOW meetings because every woman in that room has her own life experience that has made her who she is—and I love hearing about those experiences. I think Rachel does an excellent job of curating articles that will be provocative, and I always leave those meetings with a new understanding and appreciation of my co-workers. When I leave, I think about how I can challenge myself somehow. It’s really inspiring.” – Meg Trucano, Senior Content Analyst

“For me, the HOW lunches provide a convivial stopping point in our hectic work weeks to take a minute and focus on the unique challenges women face in the workplace, in the media, or at home. I especially appreciate the different viewpoints our members contribute, from ladies just starting their careers or further along, to women from a variety of cultural backgrounds and professional experiences. I think it speaks measures about the lunches when no one wants to end the discussion after time is up. I feel like I always leave with more to think about and consider.” – Erin Bangsboll, Senior Research Grants Associate

“As a recent college graduate who just entered the workforce, I found the HOW lunch to be very comforting and helpful. I was impressed by the diversity of the group, which included other young professional women as well as those who have been at Hanover for a longer time. It was really nice to know that there is a group of women who are going through – or have been through – similar challenges, and that we can all support one another as we navigate the workforce and the world as women.” – Suzie Freedberg, Research Associate

“The HOW lunch offers a good chance to know what other women think about their status at work and how they tackle challenges.” – Summer Liu, Research Intern

“I think that the HOW brown bags are a great opportunity to get to know my female coworkers and to learn from other Hanoverians about their experiences as women in the workplace in a fun and casual atmosphere. The weekly articles always spur interesting discussion and reflection about what it means to be a woman in today’s business world.” – Katie Chandler, Content Analyst



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