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KidPower Public Speaking Seminar

On February 26th, a group of 20 youth from Jefferson Middle School braved the cold and rain to come to our H Street office for a skills session on public speaking. The seminar was kicked off by our Associate Director of Recruitment who explained what we do here at Hanover to this group by putting our work with research into relatable middle school terms. The Manager of Sales Operations then put his sales skills to the test by taking part in an improv sales pitch. In this exercise, he managed to pitch “air,” “hot dogs,” and “hair bows” to the group by using effective public speaking fundamentals combined with a well-crafted persuasive argument. Let’s just say, these kids were SOLD!

Our H Street Conference room was transformed into a classroom!

Following an explanation of the purpose of having effective public speaking skills, the kids broke up into groups where they created MadLibs and then practiced reading these funny stories out loud (keeping in mind our speaking fundamentals of: eye contact, volume, gestures, posture, and confidence). The top speakers from each small group presented their MadLib in front of the whole room!

Positive Hanover Feedback!

All in all, we considered our first ever event to be a success and are excited for the endless possibilities this partnership will present in the future.

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