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Healthy employees make happy employees. This philosophy is mirrored through our top-notch benefits and abundant health and wellness opportunities.

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Medical Benefits

Hanover offers employer-subsidized health insurance coverage, including dental, vision, long-term disability and life insurance, to all our employees and their dependents. Employees can also choose to participate in a Flexible Spending Account to help cover any additional out-of-pocket medical costs.

Retirement Benefits

Many of our employees choose to participate in our 2% company-matched 401(k) retirement plan.

Health and Wellness

We understand that an active lifestyle is the key to stress management, productivity and happiness, and we are pleased to see how far some of our employees take their efforts. Hanover provides a number of health and wellness opportunities, including:



Clubs and Groups

Our employees are both invested in their work and invested in each other. Hanover’s company culture provides opportunities for employee engagement in a number of groups ranging from runners to poetry gurus to “foodies.”  We also have several affinity groups founded and maintained by conscientious employees. These include:

  • Hanover Organization of Women (HOW), which serves female employees of Hanover Research regardless of sector, position, or location through professional and social activities.
  • Hanover Pride, which provides a collaborative space and social outlet for LGBTQ+ and allied employees.
  • Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN), which cultivates a progressive workplace in which all employees are empowered to be authentic contributors to the company’s mission and purpose based on the lived experience of equal opportunity, regardless of racial or cultural identity.
  • Family Group, which focuses on supporting our parents (and parents-to-be) in the workplace, providing a safe forum for discussion as we work to build community across Hanover departments and offices, offering opportunities online and through office events.
  • Hanover’s Green Team, which offers opportunities for promoting environmental conservation and recycling in the workplace.
  • Culture/Place Forum, which enables remote employees to better understand and help shape Hanover’s culture and future, and to promote connectedness for Hanover’s virtual workforce.