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Remote Employee Corner: Relay for Life

Teresa Wilke, one of Hanover’s remote based employees, lost her grandmother to cancer recently. To honor her memory and help support cancer research, Teresa, along with Teresa’s mother and her daughter Olivia, created a team fund raising effort through the American Cancer Society Relay for Life organization. The team completed their relay on June 14, 2014 and Teresa had this to say:

The Relay for Life was awesome! As a team, Lorene’s Lassies raised over $500 and Olivia met her fundraising goal of $300!  Olivia had a wonderful day, and it was a very emotional and exhilarating experience for all of us.

The team grew even larger than we had planned. In addition to my mom and Olivia, a good friend of mine from high school and her daughter joined our team and spent the day with us. It’s so rare to just have time to spend with loved ones, and that was one of my favorite things about the event.

We spent the day walking, remembering and enjoying each other’s company.  We also set up a stand with lemonade and punch, and to go along with the Relay’s Disney theme this year we called it “Princess Punch.”  To add to the fun, the girls did little girl manicures.

I appreciate Hanover’s generous sponsorship, and was touched that Hanover employees Megan Mehan and Betty Jeanne Cupcheck offered to donate the final amount needed for Olivia to reach her fundraising goal.  Thanks so much for supporting us and sharing the event with our Hanover family.

– Teresa Wilke MBA, Grants Consultant

Walking Lum_2 Lassies IMG_4461

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