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The Recruiting Process Explained

Greetings from the Research Recruiting team!

Ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes after you submit your application? We understand that process of applying for jobs can be overwhelming, so the Research Recruiting team decided we’d try to shed some light on how the application process works here at Hanover. We’ve also thrown in a few pieces of advice to make yourself stand out from other applicants.

The Application

Here at Hanover, each application is carefully reviewed by a real, live recruiter. We don’t use any screening software, so rest assured that your resume, cover letter, and writing sample will be carefully examined by one of our team members. Typically, we try to get back to all applicants within a week, but these timelines can be extended during busy season. Fun fact—we receive over 9,000 applications a year to our listed vacancies, so keep that in mind when waiting for your application to be reviewed. Hanover is committed to providing regular, timely updates to our candidates throughout the hiring process. We know there are a lot of uncertainties when looking for a job, so we always try to respond to candidates with an update, even if they are not moving forward in the process.

Berke Assessment

At some point in the application process, you may receive an email asking you to complete the Berke Assessment. We’ve been using the Berke for several years and find it beneficial in assessing talents and traits, such as creative problem solving, emotional responses to stress, logical problem solving, and sociability. These traits are difficult to assess through a traditional interview or by reviewing only written materials.

Everyone here at Hanover takes the Berke Assessment regardless of hire level or seniority. Some applicants may not be used to hiring assessments like these, but don’t worry—it isn’t like a traditional pass or fail test! Rather, we use the results in conjunction with a thorough review of your experience and writing skills to make decisions on any next steps, The recruiting team will also share Berke profiles with our new hires, as it helps employees understand their work style preferences a bit better.

The Phone Interview

The phone interview is your opportunity to expand on your skills beyond your resume and to learn more about our firm. On the call, your recruiter will give you a bit of background on Hanover and more information about the day-to-day of the role you’re applying to. Even though we will be filling in a lot of the gaps, we still encourage you to come prepared and do as much research as possible! We always appreciate it when candidates have taken the time to read up on Hanover before the call. In terms of some general advice for your interview, make sure you are able to clearly and concisely articulate how you could contribute at Hanover. We love talking with candidates that have a good sense of their strengths and can articulate them clearly on the phone. It’s always helpful to do a practice run with a friend or family member beforehand to make sure you are ready.

Research Assignment

Many of our roles on the research side of the company require our candidates to complete a short assignment as part of the interview process. This mock research assignment allows us to get a sense of the type of work you would produce for our clients as an analyst here, and will provide you with some insight on the type of work you could be doing here at Hanover. Typically, we give our candidates between 4-7 days to complete the assignment so you are able to complete it based on your own schedule and pace.  Once you send in the assignment to your recruiter, it will be forwarded to our review team and evaluated on the quality of its research and analysis and the strength of its writing. We appreciate that the assignment takes some time for candidates to complete, but have found it the most effective way to gauge future performance here at Hanover. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality research and insights, and the research assignment is just one way we ensure this happens.

In-Person Interview

The final stage in the process almost always consists of an in-person interview. Hanover will also accommodate candidates who are remote with Skype interviews, so feel free to discuss options with your recruiter if you aren’t able to make it into our Arlington office. On the day of the interview, you can expect to meet with a 2-4 hiring managers for a total of 1-3 hours depending on the role you are interviewing for. A lot of candidates ask about dress code for the interview—we usually suggest that you err on the side of caution and dress in business formal attire. Hanover has a fairly casual office environment, but it never hurts to put your best foot forward in an interview!

During your on-site interview, here are a few topics that might be discussed:

  • Your background and experiences conducting research;
  • Your process for completing the homework assignment;
  • Your interest in Hanover and a career in the research industry.


We aim to get back to all candidates as soon as possible after interviewing. You can expect to hear from your recruiter with an update within 5 to 7 business days. Don’t forget to request contact information in your interviews and to send thank you notes to each of your interviewers. The hiring team really appreciates these thoughtful touches!

We know that our candidates’ time is valuable, and we genuinely appreciate the growing interest in our firm. Now that you have some insight into our recruiting process, take a moment to check out our openings on our careers page.


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