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Top Five Highlights of Telecommuting in 2015

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There is no doubt about it – 2015 was a big year for Hanover Research. It was also a breakthrough year for our company’s telecommuters. I’ve compiled a list of the Top Five things that made my year a success as a remote employee.

Flexible Remote Work Policy – When my husband Zack enrolled in Washington University School of Law in 2014, I knew I needed to move to St. Louis with him. But I also wanted to keep my dream job as Hanover’s Talent Development Manager. I was torn. My telework arrangement has allowed me to do both! Now I blend my time between a quiet home office and a local co-working space where I can meet other independent young professionals. Techartista’s drop-in co-working option has been a godsend – it keeps me sane when I just need to get out of the house for an afternoon. Plus I can stop by for lunch-and-learn workshops on hot topics like UX design, schedule fitness training and massage therapy appointments, and enjoy sponsored happy hours. This combination of home office and co-working space feels like a healthy, sustainable balance for me as a teleworker.

Hanover Hub – It’s not as easy to stay in the loop about company happenings without daily trips to the watercooler. Hanover’s new corporate intranet features a directory of staff profiles, team blogs, wikis, and discussion threads. It offers a central place to find resources, guides, and hyperlinks to all the websites and platforms staff need to use. The Hub certainly benefits all of Hanover’s employees, but it is an especially critical bridge for remote staff who want to stay engaged and in the know.

The Culture/Place Forum – This monthly virtual meet-up for remote employees has introduced me to research analysts and directors, grant writers, IT professionals, and other Hanover colleagues working across the country. We share our experiences as teleworkers and collaborate with Hanover’s leaders to advance the needs of the group. In 2015 we added special guest dialogues to our forum agendas, and the group has enjoyed intimate engagements with Hanover’s VP of Content, Chief Information Officer, and HR Benefits team. On a personal note, Culture/Place has connected me with a local Hanover colleague who has become my regular co-working buddy, wine club date, and co-conspirator on internal training projects.

Wine Tasting with Jess

HanoveRemote Lunch and Learn – Over the summer, a few Culture/Place regulars pulled together a company-wide HanoveRemote Perspectives Lunch and Learn. We educated our DC-based colleagues about Hanover’s flexible work policies, helpful strategies for maintaining a strong work/life balance, and suggestions for how central office staff can engage and empower their remote colleagues. This was a great opportunity to shine some light the wisdom Hanover’s teleworkers have to offer.

1,000 Clients Milestone Party – This is my fifth year with Hanover, and our Milestone Celebration was the most exciting event yet for me. It was great to reconnect with all of my central and remote colleagues over drinks, dancing, and a rooftop view of the sunset over our nation’s capital. It was certainly a night to remember!

Milestone - culture place

With this list, I close the lid on 2015. Stay tuned for more teleworking highlights and hacks in 2016!

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