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A Look Inside – Hanover Organization of Women

The Hanover Organization of Women (HOW) is enjoying its second year as an active affinity group at Hanover Research. Hanover appreciates the conversations sparked by HOW, as the company promotes women as equal partners in the workplace. Hanover demonstrates its commitment to equality at multiple levels: in total, 48% of Hanover’s employees are female and 33% of its C-suite executives are women. Women also received 47% of the total promotions earned in the first three months of 2015.

HOW-Woman-Friday-UpdatethumbCurious what HOW is interested in? Check out a recent edition of its weekly newsletter! It’s full of interesting happenings from the world of women and Hanover Research, as well as a list of interesting articles recommended by enthusiastic readers.

Rachel Lopez
Project Manager, Learning and Development
HOW Leader

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