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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at American University

ChrisGray_forVisitpageAmerican University: Chris Gray

In brief, what is your role at Hanover?
I’m a Content Director on the Grants team, focusing on our healthcare and K-12 partners. I help our partners develop strategies for pursuing grant funding, and then work with a team of researchers and grant writers to identify grant opportunities and develop proposals.
Why did you decide to work at Hanover?

Coming out of AU, I started in grant develop in the nonprofit sector, so Hanover enabled me to build on that experience while working with an array of interesting partners.

In your opinion, what sets Hanover apart from other organizations?

Hanover offers impressive growth opportunities for all its employees, especially those just beginning their careers. It’s refreshing to work for a company that’s committed to identifying and promoting its best employees based on performance and hard work, regardless of their academic or previous professional experience.

Why should graduates at your alma mater be interested in working at Hanover?

Hanover is a great place to put your academic or policy passions into play, while honing the research and writing skills you developed over the previous four years at AU. Not to mention, we’re a young and fast-growing company, so there’s a lot of opportunity for professional growth and advancement.

What is your favorite part of your job/the company?

The range of projects and clients I work with means there’s never a dull day. It’s also fascinating to be engaged with helping organizations across the country that are pushing education and healthcare policy at the ground level.

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