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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at American University

American University, Amanda Taylor – Senior Associate, Business Development Team

What’s been your most memorable experience with Hanover, to date?

At the end of Q2 2018, our Education Team’s biggest quarter of the year, I was in our Managing Director’s office with two of our Development Directors, hunting down wayward contracts. We were so close to goal and getting even two of them back would have helped us fulfill our team quota. I was looking up procurement offices, finding email addresses, and helping to keep everyone straight with what school we were calling at that time. It was so intense and there was so much energy in the office. It was incredible to be involved in that part of the process.

What skills can new Hanoverians expect to learn?

As a Business Development Associate, I learned how to strategically prospect new opportunities to drive company growth in the Higher Education practice. I can now dissect strategic plans and develop messaging that resonates with someone. I have developed the ability to build rapport with just about anyone. New Associates will support their Director’s pipeline through effective communication strategies in writing and over the phone, prospecting new leads, and creating and pursuing new strategies for outreach. Associates are encouraged to think creatively and bring new ideas to their peers and management.

Why did you choose Hanover, and why should others work here?

Like most people coming straight out of college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the next 40+ years. I had my BA in Women’s Studies focused on family dynamics and my MS in Marketing with a focus on integrated marketing communications, but I wasn’t sure how it was all going to fit together. What I was looking for was a job that would help me develop universal skills that I could apply anywhere. In my 2+ years at Hanover, my strategic thinking and communication skills have grown in ways I didn’t expect.

Once I got here and started to learn about Hanover and the work being done, I fell in love with the company. Having been on both the Sales and Account Management teams, I have seen how the work we do is helping administrators make better decisions and ultimately impact students and communities. Hanover is all about growth, whether it’s for our members, our company, or our employees. The emphasis placed on support and mentorship is huge. Everyone wants you to do well and that can be felt throughout the company whether in practice wide meetings, Random Acts of Coffee (a networking opportunity that takes place once a month, through which you are paired up with a follow Hanoverian to learn a bit about their role and background), or the open door policy managers adopt. Growth opportunities, both personally and professionally, are everywhere.

Hanover will be at AU on September 26, see you there! 

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