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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at Columbia

Jill_forVisitpageColumbia University: Jill Ross

In brief, what is your role at Hanover?

I am a Senior Research Associate here at Hanover in our K-12 Education practice. Essentially, this means that I work on an array of projects devoted to improving the quality of public and private education for students across the nation. The research I conduct varies from week to week – from establishing best practices for alleviating the school to prison pipeline to analyzing the results of a professional development survey. Working at Hanover is never dull and I am constantly expanding my knowledge of our education system.

Why did you decide to work at Hanover?

I came to Hanover from a job working to improve the education system in Zambia. During my time abroad, it dawned on me that many of the challenges this small nation in southern Africa was facing were strikingly similar to those I had witnessed closer to home. When I was looking for my next job, I wanted to work at an organization that was directly contributing to improving education in America. Hanover conducts work that touches on an issue I am passionate about and plays to the essential research and analysis skills I acquired through my undergraduate education.

In your opinion, what sets Hanover apart from other organizations?

What first struck me about Hanover is that it is a private organization seeking solutions to some of the most pressing public needs. This combination of private sector efficiency, innovation, and attention to improving an essential public service is what I find so compelling about the company. In addition, Hanover is a rapidly-growing company that allows talented and driven individuals to rise through the ranks much faster than a comparable organization might. The company puts its faith in young, smart individuals looking to take on considerable responsibility. I thrive in this type of environment and therefore really appreciate the chance that Hanover has given me to grow professionally.

Why should graduates at your alma mater be interested in working at Hanover?

Hanover is a great place for ambitious recent graduates to work because it capitalizes on skills you already possess (research and analysis) and allows you to apply them to socially relevant issues. The work is intellectually stimulating and you will never be bored. Plus, the company is growing quickly, providing relatively frequent opportunities for advancement.

What is your favorite part of your job/the company?

As a young professional, I am interested in expanding my skill set and taking on as many opportunities to gain new competencies as possible. In keeping with this, my favorite thing about Hanover is that it invests in its employees to help them develop in areas of interest. For instance, I have been looking to gain experience administering and interpreting surveys. Through Hanover, I was able to participate in survey training and have begun incorporating survey work into the research I conduct. I would also be remiss if I did not mention the stellar caliber of people I get to work with on a daily basis. Hanover is a young company that attracts witty and sharp individuals who have become great friends as well as colleagues. These folks contribute to the intellectually stimulating environment here and make coming in to work each day a real pleasure.

Hanover will be at Columbia on September 18th, see you there! 

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