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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at Duke University

Paul-C_finalForVisitPageDuke University: Paul Curtis

In brief, what is your role at Hanover?

I speak with senior executives across a variety of industries to explore how Hanover’s diverse spectrum of capabilities might help them address some of their most pressing business challenges and questions.

In brief, I sell access to a deep bench of very smart people by first understanding the particular challenges of an executive, and then outlining how Hanover’s analysts will help this executive address those challenges through a year’s worth of custom research.


Why did you decide to work at Hanover? 

I chose to work at Hanover because I was excited about the prospect of working for a fast growing company that is providing high quality custom research for clients. As a Business Development professional, it is important to me that the product I am selling is sturdy, the clients I welcome are served well, and the consultative conversations I’m having with prospective clients are diverse and engaging. Hanover has been a good place for all of the above.

In your opinion, what sets Hanover apart from other organizations?

Hanover is one of the fastest growing companies in Washington, DC and is disrupting the standard way that companies think about answering some of their most pressing questions. It’s a privilege to be a part of this.

Why should graduates at your alma mater be interested in working at Hanover?

As a smaller company, Hanover affords the opportunity for new employees to make a significant contribution from day one. And if that contribution is consistent, Hanover employees have the opportunity to quickly advance.

This combination of fast growth and smaller company size creates room for more senior level responsibilities earlier in one’s career.

What is your favorite part of your job/the company?

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to bring a disruptive and quality service to market, work in a context where I consistently learn from the executives I am speaking to and the colleagues I am working with, to be a part of a growing company that still has plenty of room to grow, and to be part of a company that challenges and stretches me but also allows room for me to invest in other things important to me outside of Hanover.


Hanover will be at Duke University on January 22nd, see you there! 

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