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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at George Washington University

Cindy Zhang – Research Associate (Education team)

Cindy interned with Hanover in 2016 as part of our summer program. She stayed on as an extern once she returned to school to complete her program and then joined us full time after graduating this spring.

  • What’s been your most memorable experience with Hanover, to date?

My most memorable experience with Hanover was for my first ever project, when the Content Director I worked for shared the immediate positive feedback he had received from a client. Usually, there’s a bit of a wait time between when a researcher finishes a report and when a content director edits and delivers the final product, so it was great to see my work have an impact so quickly.

  • What skills can new Hanoverians expect to learn?

In my position and department, writing, researching, and analysis are the most important skills, which college undoubtedly prepares you for. There are also many opportunities for professional development and skills- Hanover often holds biweekly or monthly trainings for employees interested in learning how to use software or work with data.

  • Why did you choose Hanover, and why should others work here?

I had a great experience as an intern and a lot of the skills I learn and use as a Generalist align with my career goals. Hanover also provides many resources to new researchers to help them understand the work expectations and adapt to the culture.

Hanover will be at GW on September 13th, see you there! 

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