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Alumni Spotlight – Hanover Recruiting at James Madison University

James Madison University, Christina Dinges – Associate, Business Development Team

What’s been your most memorable experience with Hanover, to date?

My most memorable experience was my second month at Hanover. We all usually leave the office at 5:30 on Fridays and head to Happy Hour – as everyone was packing up for the day, I caught a prospect on the phone from an account I had been trying to reach for weeks. I talked through the entire pitch while the whole office was standing around my desk. I ended up landing the meeting at the end of the call, and when I hung up the phone everyone was cheering for me. It was quite an experience to see everyone else excited for my success.

What skills can new Hanoverians expect to learn?

One of my favorite things about Hanover is they teach entry-level associates all aspects of how the organization works. You learn far beyond just your own role, and I think that’s a key aspect in having a successful business. You also get the opportunity to learn many valuable pieces of advice from upper management through executive office hours and sometimes even through smaller lunch sessions. In the business development role on the ‘for-profit’ side, you gain confidence and communication skills through phone outreach to the C-Suite of corporate businesses. You are paired with a tenured director – an expert in your territory whom you support to drive new revenue for the company.  This pairing is key in the learning process, as our directors are able to answer questions in real-time and have plenty of knowledge to share!

Why did you choose Hanover, and why should others work here?

When I came in for my interview, I really enjoyed the energy that I felt from being in the office. Each person I met was full of excitement! They all had their own personal story of success and told me more about their journey from the day they started to where they are now. After being here for almost 3 months, I can still say I feel that same energy. Every week there are new challenges to tackle, while at the same time achieving goals we have been working towards, individually and as a team. In my opinion, this is what makes the job exciting. One of the best feelings is that of accomplishment – whether that be meeting a personal goal, team goal, or both, like closing a deal with your director. It’s always an exciting feeling to see your own hard work as well as that of your teammates pay off and drive growth in the company.

Another reason to work here is the amount of opportunity for professional growth. I have seen several people gain promotions in my short amount of time working here. We receive incentives such as earning a day off, or a team dinner if we hit a certain goal, which keeps the workdays exciting. We also have team happy hours and events after work to look forward to. I initially thought this was a job where I would be depending on myself, but the team support here is incredible. Given the aforementioned, I think there’s plenty of reasons for anyone to choose  a job with Hanover.

Hanover will be at JMU on September 24, see you there! 

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