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Alumni Spotlight: Hanover Recruiting at James Madison University

JordanWilsonJames Madison University – Jordan Wilson, Business Development Associate – Higher Ed

In brief, what is your role at Hanover?

I am a Business Development Associate for the Higher Education practice at Hanover. I’m the first point of contact for my Director for universities within our territory. As the first point of contact, I research and prospect universities and colleges for my Director to speak with. Once prospected, it’s my job to schedule that initial meeting between my Director and the appropriate contact at that university. After that initial meeting, I assist my Director through the sales cycle to ultimately bring on that university as a new client.


Why did you decide to work at Hanover?

As I considered what I wanted to do after my time at JMU, I knew I wanted to start my career in a sales-based role, but I wasn’t sure where. I majored in Economics at JMU, so I wanted to hold onto the strategic and analytic side of my education. I actually came across Hanover on recruit-a-duke, and was matched favorably. Upon looking up Hanover in greater detail, I really liked the fact that I could hold onto my research background, while also working in a fast-paced sales role. Hanover also provides a supportive environment and allows for a lot of advancement opportunities, which was great for me as a young professional looking to grow. So Hanover’s values, goals, and professional environment really aligned well with what I was looking for in a company.

In your opinion, what sets Hanover apart from other organizations?

It’s definitely the people, as well as their commitment to their employees. The culture is very fun and supportive, while also being hardworking and professional. More than anything, Hanover provides opportunity for growth into not just Sales, but other avenues you may have an interest in. As long as you work hard and show interest in the company, Hanover won’t pigeon hole you into one role. It’s nice to see a company pride itself in you just as much as you pride yourself in them.

Why should graduates at your alma mater be interested in working at Hanover?

If you’re looking for a collaborative, supportive, fast-paced, fun, hardworking environment after your time at JMU, then you should be interested in Hanover Research. Hanover will allow you to add to the skills you acquired as a Duke, and you can find yourself contributing in a major way very soon after you start. The amazing knowledge and experiences that we get from JMU perfectly translate into the start of your career at Hanover.

What is your favorite part of your job/the company?

The work day-to-day is very rewarding, but it has to be the connection you achieve with those on your team. Hanover definitely lives by the motto “work hard, play hard.” They do a great job of providing experiences for us to unwind as a team out of work. Whether it’s company happy hours; tickets to Nationals, Redskins, and Wizards games; or activities like kayaking and TopGolf; there’s always something to look forward to outside of work. Hanover has fun, but it’s involved in the community as well. Hanover is continually offering community service opportunities, and even does an annual Day of Service where we spend the day at local volunteer opportunities. I spent the last Day of Service making food for a local food bank. So it’s great to see the impact Hanover has in the community as well!

Hanover will be at JMU on Tuesday, September 27. See you there! 

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