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Annual Day of Service: Kid Power and Capital Area Food Bank

On Friday, July 17th, over 100 Hanoverians volunteered their time for our annual company-wide Day of Service. Staff chose from two DC-based events: helping out at the summer program hosted by Kid Power, or packing food parcels for local area children impacted by food insecurity at the Capital Area Food Bank. This is the fourth fantastic year that Hanover has worked in partnership with Kid Power. Meanwhile, this was our first year working with the Capital Area Food Bank – and follow-up opportunities are already in the planning stages.

Kid Power Event:


In our established Day of Service tradition, three busloads of Hanoverians made their way to Jefferson Middle School to spend the day with the kids from Kid Power. Kid Power, a local non-profit providing innovative afterschool and summer programs in underserved communities throughout DC, has long been a community service partner for Hanover. While we schedule several events per year with Kid Power, the Day of Service is by far the largest, which allowed us to branch into several activities. After introductions in the school auditorium, Hanoverians split into five stations and Kid Power kids rotated through each activity during the morning’s sessions. Included were:

  • A marketing session where Hanoverians offered marketing how-to’s for Kid Power’s homemade hot sauce,
  • A cooking project, where Hanoverians and Kid Power kids prepared vegetables from the Kid Power garden for delicious homemade salsa,
  • An art project where Hanoverians and Kid Power kids painted mosaic tiles for the school,
  • Public speaking sessions where Hanoverians taught fundamentals of persuasive speech, and
  • A fitness session, which included competitive games of “Duck Duck Goose.”

The morning rotation of activities was followed by pizza and sharing stories from their favorite stations. We closed out the afternoon with a mix of indoor board games and outdoor field day activities including basketball and soccer.

Thank you, Kid Power, for another wonderful Day of Service!

Capital Area Food Bank:

Day-of-Service-at-Food-BankA smaller group of Hanover volunteers spent the afternoon at the Capital Area Food Bank. The 35 year old organization is a sorting and distribution center for local charities and organizations, providing food to families living with food insecurity.

Did you know? Despite being our capital city, Washington DC holds the unenviable record of having the highest rate of food insecurity among children in the country – 50 percent of DC’s children go hungry almost every day!

Our Hanover team was tasked with packing the ‘weekend bags,’ which contain items like canned tuna, fruit, and snacks. Many children rely extensively on meals from their school and weekend bags, which are distributed on Friday afternoons, help ensure that children do not go hungry over the weekend. We worked with the lovely Michelle from the Capital Area Food Bank and, in typical Hanover fashion, we set up the most efficient packaging system to maximize our output in a short amount of time. By the end of the day, we put together almost 600 weekend bags!


We were all touched by the remarkable work the Food Bank does and hope to make this a longer-term partnership. Thank you, Capital Area Food Bank!

– Kim Tracy, Manager, Special Projects & Marcelle Wood, CHRO

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