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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research!

Q&A with Jason Brotkin, a Senior Development Associate on the education team, based out of New York:

What’s been your most memorable experience with Hanover, to date?

My most memorable experiences at Hanover have come from building relationships with colleagues. From team happy hours and dinners to community service events, I’m incredibly grateful for the connections I’ve been able to make across the firm. I’ve really enjoyed participating in Random Acts of Coffee (a peer-networking opportunity) and taking the time each month to learn about a fellow Hanoverian’s work, life background, and perspective. I’ve also loved the volunteering events we’ve organized. Most recently, we worked with the local Arlington Science Focus School to plant a garden and lead activities at their end-of-year Field Day (the 3rd-5th grade bowling game got intense).

What skills can new Hanoverians expect to learn?

As a Development Associate, I’ve learned to strategically prospect and create new opportunities to expand our K-12 practice across the country. This role allows you to hone your persuasive writing skills, develop new outreach strategies, grow as an effective communicator, and support every step of our Development Directors’ pipelines to bring in new members.

Associates also have the unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the education space. By connecting with school administrators, we’re able to see first-hand how our members implement research-driven practices to improve student outcomes. Perhaps above all, the associate position teaches you tenacity and grit. By pushing you out of your comfort zone, this role is definitely challenging – but incredibly rewarding.

Why should graduates at your alma mater be interested in working at Hanover?

Before graduating in May 2018, I wasn’t sure exactly how to align my passion for K-12 education policy with my first career step. The opportunities afforded to me at Hanover have allowed me to grow as a professional – in this role and beyond. Even in this entry-level position, I’ve been able to be a leader on my team, mentor new associates, and voice new ideas. From the open-door policy that managers adopt to the opportunities for promotions early in your career, personal and professional growth can be found everywhere at Hanover. (Plus, the snacks are phenomenal.)

How would you describe Hanover’s culture?

The culture here was such a big driver for me joining Hanover. Our development team is metrics-driven, but also incredibly mission-driven; our K-12 sector is filled with education experts, former teachers, and innovative research minds all dedicated to helping districts provide quality education to their students.

The environment is collaborative and lively, and I’m always amazed by the friendliness of everyone I meet. Having now worked at both the Arlington and New York offices, I’ve seen the common thread of supportiveness across the company.


Jason is from Oceanside, New York. This past May he graduated from the College of William & Mary where he studied Public Policy and Philosophy. He is very passionate about education policy and likes connecting with education leaders from across the country! In his free time he loves going to concerts, watching sports, reading, and playing music.

Consider joining Jason and the team! Click to see the job posting and apply.

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