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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research (Arlington office)

The part of the job that I enjoy the most at Hanover was actually my biggest fear when I started the job – Cold Calling. I was unsure what the experience would be like, and my only knowledge of cold calling was of myself hanging up on sales calls over the years. But now two months into the job, cold calling is my favorite part of the job. You have the opportunity to use “verbal jut-jitsu” when speaking with potential clients on the phone. Having to adapt to each call keeps you on your toes, and makes every day I come into work exciting because no day is the same.

The Enterprise Development Team is a great environment to be a part of. My colleagues are eager to give me tips and advice while I’m coming up to speed, and I have learned a great deal listening to them on the phones. Along with my training, they are the reason I’m having early success here at Hanover and I look forward to what is to come here with my team as well as the growth of Hanover as a firm.

Eric Tetlow – A Business Development Associate on the Enterprise Team – has been with Hanover for 2 months. He graduated from UVA with his Bachelor’s in Foreign Affairs where he was also a student-athlete on the football team.

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