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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research (Arlington Office)

Since joining Hanover in March of 2017, I have not only developed lasting and meaningful friendships, but also experienced a considerable amount of professional development. Working at Hanover, I speak with senior executives at organizations throughout the United States on a daily basis, discussing different business challenges and how to solve them with market research. With a “work hard play hard” mentality, our success in the office is reciprocated through various company sponsored activities throughout Northern Virginia and D.C. – some of my favorites thus far including a jazz festival, team karaoke, dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse, and an evening cruise on the Potomac River. While the Business Development Associate role is a challenging opportunity to drive growth for the business, Hanover can also be a place to make friends and have fun.

Hanover’s business development team offers the chance to work around experienced professionals that will help you learn more about different industries and markets throughout the United States. In less than one year here, I have had the opportunity to work with clients throughout the food and beverage, construction, and transportation markets, just to name a few. Our unique business model allows us to serve various markets throughout the United States – allowing me to expand my horizons and gather knowledge in several different areas. Furthermore, hard work is definitely noticed and rewarded in the BDA role, as I received my first promotion within my first 8 months of starting the position! At a young, exciting company like Hanover, opportunities are abundant and internal advancement is supported. I look forward to a lasting future here.

-Cameron, Senior Business Development Associate on the Enterprise team, has been with Hanover since graduating from Penn State with his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

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