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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research (Arlington Office)

“I joined Hanover in September of 2017, and time has really flown by since training ended. After an in depth training program, I was excited to get on the floor and start putting everything I learned into practice. While you learn a lot in a classroom setting like training, the floor is really where things begin to click.

I’ve worked in other sales roles in the past, but I have never been as fortunate to work in such a collaborative and supportive team as the revenue team. I enjoy the fact that I can turn to anyone on my team to gain insights into everything from cold calling best practices, to market and industry insights, or anything else I need help with. Being part of the revenue team at Hanover means being part of a team of career minded, hard-working individuals who constantly push each other. Through friendly competition and encouragement, you’ll find yourself excited to come to work every day. Being able to get involved with the growth objectives for tons of different companies and manufacturers, gives you that inside look into business operations that you simply won’t find in other sales roles.”

-Liam Drennan, Senior Development Associate on the Corporate sales team, graduated from George Mason University, with his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2017 and joined Hanover in late 2017 as a Development Associate. 

Consider joining Liam! Click to see the job posting and apply.


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