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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research (Arlington Office)

“I joined the Hanover team as a recent college graduate in September of 2017.  While I did not initially envision myself settling into a sales role, I have since come to appreciate both the challenge and the opportunity.  I spend a portion of every day speaking to VPs and CXOs of large companies about the ways in which Hanover could support the growth of their business.  This exercise, while initially daunting, has taught me how to communicate with high-level executives in the business world, as well as what they are willing to spend their time on, both of which are valuable to know in any career path.  While the Business Development role is a challenging opportunity, the rewards in professional growth and development easily make it worthwhile.”

-Casey, Senior Business Development Associate, Corporate Team, graduated from George Mason University, with his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2017 and joined Hanover in late 2017 as a Development Associate.

Consider joining Casey! Click to see the job posting and apply.

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