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Being a Development Associate at Hanover Research (New York office)

“I have been lucky to be with Hanover for just over a year as an Office Manager in the New York office.  Over this past year, the office has become a great work environment and a place where I’ve gained many good friends.  I was first inspired to pursue a career in sales at Hanover after hearing the associates on the phones encouraging each other and giving advice on how to sound better.  Then grew more and more interested in the role after seeing how much they improved at their pitch after just a couple of months, sounding much more confident when they spoke, and obtaining greater success at the job overall.  Once I realized how much I could learn and the skills I could acquire, with nothing but support and encouragement from the New York team and my managers, I was able to go through the application and interview process with complete confidence and excitement.  And I’m looking forward to all of the challenges and new learning experiences that will come becoming a Business Development Associate here.”

~ Natalie, Development Associate, Education Team, graduated from Ohio University with her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 2014 where she was an NCAA Division 1 soccer player. She joined Hanover in 2017 as an Office Manager after moving to New York to pursue a new career.

Consider joining Natalie! Click to see the job posting and apply.

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