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Career Visits – March 2014

Hanover had the pleasure of hosting two groups of students this week at its Arlington office. Undergraduate students from the University of Chicago visited Hanover’s office as part of the “Trek to DC” program on Tuesday, March 25th. Wednesday, March 26th brought visitors from the University of California, San Diego’s Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS).

The University of Chicago students learned about career opportunities from departments across the company, as well as presenters’ individual career paths, during a custom-tailored presentation. The opportunity to connect with the “Trek to DC” program was initiated by Matt Sellman, a University of Chicago alumnus currently working as a Research Associate.

The presentation for IR/PS focused on opportunities within Hanover’s Content division, including its Quantitative capabilities, K-12 and Higher Education Research division, Market Insight Center (the research arm serving for-profit businesses), and the Grant Development Center. The chance to interact with these first- and second-year graduate students was brought to Hanover by IR/PS alumnus Virgilio Larralde, a current Senior Research Associate.

Hanover was happy to be included among the seven companies visited by the University of Chicago and 28 by UCSD’s IR/PS! It was a great opportunity for students to ask questions about the responsibilities they would assume in a role at Hanover and learn about the ongoing opportunities for professional growth that would be available to them.

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