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Community Service Event – New York Cares / Earth Day in NYC

In celebration of Earth Day this past Saturday, Hanover’s New York team joined 4,000 volunteers at parks and gardens across the city. Participating in New York Cares annual Spring revitalization effort, the Hanover Research team traveled to Padre Plaza Success Garden in the South Bronx, helping to paint, clean, and compost. Leading up to the day, the team raised $1,814–exceeding our initial fundraising goal by 363%, and ending the day Friday having raised the most of any participating team. For a small office, this was a great teamwork effort!



On site, Hanoverians worked alongside Padre Plaza’s President, Mike Young, giving the garden’s fence a fresh coat of paint. Mr. Young, along with his daughter, Jada–who in 2013 was awarded the Scott’s Miracle Grow Youth Gardener’s Award–have spent more than a decade converting the space once ravaged by crime into a community focal point. Thanks to the Young Family and the support of the surrounding Mott Haven community, the garden is now home to a vegetable garden; an active composting system; an apple, a peach, and a pear tree; a pond; 300 goldfish; and one Tommy the Turtle.

Donations to New York Cares help fund 1,600 volunteer projects every month at more than 1,300 schools and nonprofits in all five boroughs. If you are interested in learning more about the organization, please visit the New York Cares website.

A very special thanks to Peter Dodge, Vineeta Mooganur, and Sid Phillips for their support; in addition, a huge thanks Scott Finder, Peter Ryther, James Sorrentino, and Max Rein for spending their Saturday mornings in service.

– Rachel Mitchell, Associate, Operations & Special Projects team

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