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Company Culture and Learning

In response to the questions – Why Hanover? Why take a Development Associate role? – Imani Ifedi shared her own take on what makes this role and the company special:

“The first thing I tell people when they ask me about my job is that I am so grateful for the people I work with and the overall company culture. Maybe it’s because it’s on the smaller side, or maybe it’s because there’s a youthful vibe, or maybe it’s because the recruiting team makes sure to select amicable, intelligent people; whatever the case, I feel very comfortable coming to work, engaging with others, expressing my thoughts and opinions to managers, and even hanging out with coworkers outside of the office. I love that we have a variety of both planned and unplanned bonding events, and that I’ve actually made some pretty great friends.

Being a Development Associate, I’ve been able to enhance certain skills (i.e. the ones that attracted me to the job in the first place such as communication, persuasion, problem-solving, writing) as well as develop meaningful soft skills (persistence, resilience, time management, etc.). I’ve always been interested in education, so it’s also nice that I get to read about K12 trends and reach out to superintendents about issues that are very important to me such as ensuring post-secondary readiness and closing the achievement gap.”

– Imani Ifedi, Senior Development Associate

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