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Content All Star Day!

On Friday, Oct 18, we celebrated our fourth annual Content ALL STAR DAY!

ALL STAR DAY is a celebration of innovation, excellence, leadership, development, and all-around research pride.

Professional Development

In the first half of the day, research staff participated in sessions from a suite of live and online professional development offerings, all of which were created and administered by Hanover staff under the guidance of our Learning & Development team. The “by Hanover, for Hanover” nature of the sessions ensured that all would be relevant to researchers’ development in their Hanover careers.

By all accounts, the sessions were informative and useful, and the success of the event means staff can look forward to multiple iterations in the next year.

Innovation Contest

Innovation has always been a key to Hanover’s success and will be the primary engine of our growth in the coming years. Furthermore, it defines us. We seek, above all, to be a leading innovator in the professional research world and, as such, to expand opportunities for organizations of all types to access and use quality information and insights.

We also believe that those closest to the work have the best ideas of how to make our service better. Within the Content team, we are blessed with highly-talented individuals with great potential for energy and creativity that we seek to spark each year through our research-focused Innovation Contest.

In the first ALL STAR DAY event of the afternoon, six Innovation Contest finalists each had ten minutes to pitch their concepts to our audience and our special panel of judges (Anil Prahlad (Chief Content Officer), Geoff Collins (Chief Strategy Officer), & Wes Givens (Chief Executive Officer)). The winner receives Hanover’s support in implementing their innovation concept, a large check, and the much-coveted Pony of Innovation (#ponyofinnovation). As usual, all of the ideas are worth pursuing in some capacity, and, because the competition was so tight this year, the judges actually picked two winners for the first time.

Congratulations to Meagan Siu and Nao Masuda, our joint winners! 

Nao’s winning idea relates to code development within our highly-used data visualization platform, Tableau, while Meagan’s idea focuses on the “scraping” of semi-structured data in secondary research materials. Work to make these ideas a reality is already underway.

Exemplary Research Presentations

In the second afternoon event, research staff representing our full spectrum of practices and methodology teams presented either an excellent project we completed for a client (with all appropriate redactions, of course) or an exciting new capability developed in the last year. A few such presentations are described below.

In all cases, our celebration of exceptional work acknowledges that our staff extend their intelligence, diligence, and creativity to our clients every day and that constantly meeting this high bar is itself a powerful form of leadership and one for which we are grateful.

Thanks to everyone who presented and helped make this year’s events a great experience! We are proud to be Hanoverians.

Exemplary Research: Amy Kurfist talks career pathways and
how we are helping community colleges improve them.

Exemplary Research: Tammy Hine, James Goymour, Aloma Lopes,
and Khaled Halabi: We used advanced text analysis to categorize
nearly 100,000 comments from attendees of a special event.

Exemplary Research: Marriam Ewaida explains how we help school
district leaders and practitioners improve educational equity.

Innovation Contest: The contest winner receives Hanover’s support
in implementing their innovation concept, a large check, and the
much-coveted and ever-changing Pony of Innovation.

Innovation Contest: Anil  Prahlad writes the check.

Innovation Contest: Congratulations to 2019 Innovation Contest winners
Meagan Siu and Nao Masuda.


Thanks all for making it a great day!!

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