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Day of Service 2016: Fresh Food for the Arlington Food Assistance Center

Hanover team members who chose Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) as their Day of Service venue were not disappointed. AFAC is dedicated to giving those in need a dignified experience in receiving aid from the center. Drawing on donations of numerous businesses and individuals in the area, grants awarded by local agencies, and from its own purchases of food, AFAC provides low-income Arlington residents with a selection of canned/dried foods, fresh produce, breads, and desserts twice a month.

Hanover team members (Fareena Bacchus, Mike Chung, Linda Donaldson, Will Hodgkins, Scott Isenga, Karla Lawson, Christina Satkowski, Martina Smith) had the privilege of creating 375 bags of fresh vegetables (sweet potatoes and carrots) for distribution. Using a mix of assembly line and integrated value chain approaches, Hanover collaborated across practice areas and roles to get the job done.

Unfortunately a few folks couldn’t join us – so we created a few dozen extra bags on their behalf. What would Hanover be if we weren’t overachievers, after all?

-Mike Chung, Content Director

Arlington Food Assistance Center 

Arlington Food Assistance Center

Arlington Food Assistance Center


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