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Day of Service 2016: Making Toys and Enjoying the Animals at Washington Humane Society

braiding dog toysI don’t know who benefited more from this trip – us or the animals! We spent a thoroughly enjoyable Friday morning learning about the Washington Humane Society and visiting with the animals.

If anyone ever wonders where all of our extra Hanover t-shirts have gone… It’s to the dogs. We braided our old Hanover t-shirts into rope toys (shout out to Content Vice President Cam Wall for learning to braid and perfecting the skill right away), and we got to mess around with some cat nip to make cat toys out of socks. In truly heartwarming fashion, we then got to deliver the toys to the dogs in the shelter and spend time petting them before visiting with the cats in “Kitty City.”

We also sponsored a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier mix, Polly, and our attention and donation helped ensure her adoption less than two weeks later! Meanwhile, one of our own, researcher Mike Caughey, helped a lucky cat find her forever home – he and his wife adopted her the next day!

-Ally Shaw, Development Director


Polly, who got adopted shortly after Hanover sponsored her!

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