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Fun Fridays: Hanover’s first Chili Cook-Off event

This past Friday, the Account Management team hosted Hanover’s first chili cook-off with the Content team in the Ballston office.  We had 9 chili chefs bring their chili to be judged by our panel of chili experts: Kim Tracy, Abbey Swan, Brandon Jacobs, and Kevin Gallagher.  A big thanks to our participants for slaving away in the kitchen (or in the case of one chef who wishes to remain anonymous, heating up canned chili) to make this event a tasty success: James Finegan, Danielle Hatch, Ryan Kerr, Kelly Kessler, Brian Minning, Leila Nuland, Lucas Tyler, Sam Seker, and Jen Vaziralli. We had about 45 chili aficionados stop by to enjoy the food and watch the Italy-Costa Rica World Cup game.  Finally, congratulations to our winners!  Ryan Kerr had the best chili for Account Management, James Finnegan’s chili was the best for Content, and Leila Nuland took the grand prize for best overall chili.  Winners received a cash prize and official certificate to prove their reputation as Hanover’s top chili chefs.  Thanks again everyone for your participation and hard work! See everyone at the next chili cook-off event.

–          Barbara Nave (Account Management Associate) and Alexandra Little (Account Management Associate)

chili 1

chili 2

chili 3

chili 4


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