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Get Up and Stretch!

This past March saw the launch of the Hanover Get Up and Stretch campaign, an aspect of the company’s corporate Health and Wellness Program. With increasing evidence that there are negative health implications for sedentary workers, those who work desk jobs should make an effort to incorporate more activity in their day. This is why it is important to get up and stretch!

Every day at 3:30pm, representatives from the company’s “Get Up and Stretch” team stop by every single employee in the office and encourages a stretching session. We are usually led by Kim Tracy (Manager, HR Special Projects) and she often brings along friends from Human Resources for even greater encouragement. Kim is also Hanover’s very own yoga instructor, who teaches a weekly yoga class in the office, so her knowledge of stretching is unparalleled.

Have an achy hip or a crick in your neck? Kim knows the stretch to help with that! Her bright attitude and occasional musical accompaniment (“I like to move-it, move-it!”) make the stretching sessions a fun part of the day and good encouragement to get movement in.

Employees “caught in the act” are given stickers and hand-drawn post-its each day and are entered into a monthly wellness drawing for prizes. Stay tuned for more posts about Hanover’s robust Corporate Health and Wellness Program offerings!

Hannah Stopnicki, J.D.
Content Analyst

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