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Hanover Green – Promoting Sustainability

Hanover Research’s newest affinity group, Hanover Green, launched recently with the mission of improving sustainability and environmental awareness at work. Their initiatives have been well received by staff. Here’s a quick summary of their July activities:

Our goal for the month was to find fun ways to encourage our fellow Hanoverians to help our company reduce its carbon footprint. July was centered around several themes and goals:

Reducing Waste:

  • To kick the month off, on July 6th we hosted a zero-waste happy hour. Everything we provided was re-useable (dishes), recyclable, or compostable. While we do not yet have in-house composting, we disposed of the compost ourselves. Part of being sustainable is buying local (which reduces the transportation/fuel costs), so the beer was from the DMV-area and (importantly) was good!

Encouraging Daily Sustainable Practices:

  • On July 10th we began “Mugshots”, our creative mug contest where we encouraged our colleagues to post pictures of the mug(s) they use at their desk. Of course, using a mug reduces the number of disposable cups that we use (that scary 138,000 cups a year number). Hanoverians could vote on their favorite mug and the winner received a Starbucks gift card.
  • Throughout the month we implemented a kitchen volunteering system in which volunteers ensured that dishwashers were run and dishes were cleared from drying racks. In the near future, Hanover will also provide reusable dish towels and our volunteers will make sure these are cleaned on a regular basis. We really appreciate the efforts of our first set of volunteers.


  • On July 23rd we began a recycling competition that pitted our three floors against each other to see who could have the greatest proportional decrease in trash over a two-week period. Over the course of the competition, Hanover decreased its volume of waste by 47%, which equates to 16.9 pounds per day or 169 pounds over the two weeks.

Hanover Green has quite a few more initiatives and events planned for the remainder of the year with the goal to support and encourage a more sustainable office environment.

Thanks to Erik Lund for this overview.

Here are some of the memorable mugs from our July “Mugshots” contest!


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