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Hanover Participates in UPenn’s “Discovery Days” Job Shadowing Program


These days, it’s never too early to start learning about what career path might be right for you! To that end, University of Pennsylvania offers “Discovery Days,” where students spend a day exploring a workplace to “determine whether a job or industry is compatible with [their] skills, interests, abilities, and work values.” This semester, Hanover had the privilege of hosting a Discovery Day for rising Wharton sophomore Michael Ruan.

Michael had just wrapped up his freshman year at Wharton a few days earlier when he arrived at Hanover’s Arlington office. After a brief overview about the company, he started his day at the Higher Education Breakfast Meeting, where analysts discussed the relative harm (and merits!) of “Helicopter Parenting” over scones and coffee.

After that, he spent much of his day speaking with analysts across his areas of interest. Michael met with analysts across the quantitative, survey, and market evaluation practice areas, and took a break for lunch to feast on Chipotle with some education researchers.

At the end of the day, he had this to say:

Exploring the Hanover offices and engaging with analysts in their countless areas of expertise was not only a refreshing escape from the high-pressure, competitive environment of school, but also a great opportunity to discover what I was most interested in. This was my first time partaking in the day-to-day business of professionals in a working environment – an experience I found to be nerve-wracking at first, but with time, extremely comfortable and fun.

We’re glad that Michael enjoyed his first foray into job shadowing! We certainly enjoyed his enthusiasm for learning about the work that we do (particularly in our quantitative practice) and his great attitude. Keep in touch, Michael! 

Hannah Stopnicki, J.D.
Content Learning and Development Specialist


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