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Hanover Pride Bake Sale


Nothing is better than freshly baked treats on a Thursday afternoon! It was with that in mind (along with, of course, charitable giving) that Hanover Pride hosted its first bake sale, with proceeds going to Whitman-Walker Health, a clinic specializing in LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS healthcare.

On Thursday, March 26, participants brought a variety of homemade goodies, including cream scones, meringues, three types of brownies (Nutella frosted, peanut butter, and regular), inside-out chocolate chip cookies (chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips), and mysterious “swirls” (a combination of pizza dough and cinnamon filling so delicious they were the first item to sell out).

Hanoverians from all departments showed their support, either through purchasing platefuls of sweets or donating outright. In the end, Hanover Pride raised over $285, with a few dollars still trickling in as lingering IOUs are fulfilled.

While the bake sale represents a resounding success for Hanover Pride’s first foray into community service and charitable activities, it has admittedly caused some difficulties as well — Namely, readjusting to store-bought goodies in the aftermath of so much from-scratch deliciousness!

Hannah Stopnicki
Content Learning and Development Specialist


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