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Hanover Pride Inaugural Brown Bag Discussion

Pridelogo310x180Hanover Pride, Hanover Research’s affinity group devoted to LGBTQ employees and their allies, held its inaugural Brown Bag Discussion group on March 12, 2015. The meeting was held in the luminous Washington Conference Room (dubbed “The Spaceship” by some Hanoverians) of Hanover’s newest Ballston office location at 4300 Wilson Boulevard. Over cookies and cupcakes, group members discussed two recent articles (“The Myth of the Gay Community” by Evan Beck at the Atlantic and “After Tim Cook, It’s Still Hard to Come Out at Work” by Vauhini Vara at the New Yorker) that questioned the existence of the gay “community.”

Attendees represented a wide range of departments and positions, from Market Insight Center (MIC) Content Directors to education practice Research Associates. The group discussed and debated topics such as intersectionality and coming out in the workplace.  One Brown Bag attendee, MIC Content Analyst Elizabeth Campbell, found the session to be “a great way to engage with highly topical issues with a highly diverse group of individuals.” She added, “I firmly believe that actively discussing equality in the workplace is a critical step toward addressing the challenges members of the LGBTQ community face in the workplace on a daily basis worldwide. In that respect, Hanover Pride has already succeeded after its inaugural brownbag discussion group.”

In keeping with its love of baked goods, Hanover Pride will host a bake sale for staff members on Thursday, March 26. All proceeds will go to Whitman-Walker Health, a D.C. community health clinic that focuses on LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS care.

Hanover Pride looks forward to continuing to support Hanover Research as inclusive workplace for all.

Matt Sellman
Senior Research Associate

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