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Hanover Wellness: Alternative Seating

Many people spend the majority of their professional lives in their office chairs. One study by Staples found that approximately 86 percent of office workers said their office furniture caused discomfort, and more than half stated that if they could make one change, it would be a better office chair. What’s even more concerning is that habitual sitting is an independent risk factor for health problems such as heart attack!

This is why, as part of the company’s ongoing wellness initiatives, Hanover provides a variety of alternative seating arrangements to employees. The ideal seating arrangement should promote good posture and proper alignment of the neck and shoulders. Offering several options to employees ensures that everyone will find the right fit.

Employees at Hanover can work at standing desks, which are equipped with external monitors for those working on projects that require dual screens. Employees who want to work on core strength at their desks can sit on stability balls, which promote correct posture through the pelvis and back. Hanover also recently began providing kneeling chairs to employees, which improve spinal alignment. Finally, laptop stands and raised monitors are available, which can improve alignment in the neck and shoulders.

These are only some of the resources available at Hanover to help promote healthy employee lifestyles! Keep an eye out for more posts about Hanover Corporate Health and Wellness Program offerings.

Hannah Stopnicki, J.D.
Content Analyst

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