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Hanover’s Day of Service 2016: Blogathon Kick-Off

To celebrate the volunteer opportunities that Hanoverians enjoyed at our 2016 Day of Service, stay tuned for a week of blog entries about the activities, each written by a Hanoverian who attended.

Hanover’s 2016 Day of Service was on July 15. This year, there was something for everyone! Hanoverians took a few hours off from work and attended a variety of volunteer opportunities including:

  • Fun and games at Barrett Elementary School,
  • Trail clean-ups at Gulf Branch Nature Center and Fort CF Smith Park,
  • Making toys and enjoying the animals at Washington Humane Society, and
  • Making fresh food at the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

We also offered an in-house sandwich making session benefiting Martha’s table for those who were unable to attend an offsite event.

Thanks to Ashley Holladay, Barbara Nave, Ally Shaw, and Mike Chung for contributing our upcoming blog entries, and thanks to all of the Hanoverians who participated in the event!

Hanoverians make sandwiches!
Hanoverians make sandwiches for Martha’s Table at our in-house volunteer event on July 15, 2016.

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