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Hanover’s First Company Field Day

On Thursday, June 5, 2014, Hanover Research hosted its first company Field Day at Quincy Park in Arlington, Virginia.  The day started off with a barbecue featuring hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh sliced watermelon, chocolate chip cookies, and pink lemonade. Some employees opted to lounge in the shade, watching and cheering friends on. Others felt the competitive spirit and battled at capture the flag, tug of war, three legged race, potato sack race, water balloon toss, and the 50 yard dash. Teams were sorted by department and competition between Sales and Account Management was particularly fierce. In the end, rivalries were settled after, over drinks and appetizers at the company-sponsored happy hour, where some Hanoverians continued to fight for their team’s pride over games of pool.

What did Hanover employees have to say about the event?

“Having worked for a handful of places, field day was by far the most fun I’ve ever had at work. As a sucker for t-shirts and a former residence life employee, field day was a team building success!” –Chris West, Senior Content Analyst, Quantitative

“I worked in the non-profit world for two years before making my way to Hanover. Although rewarding, my work environment was VERY high stress and we were never really rewarded for all the hard work we put forth. Similarly, Hanover employees are familiar with deadlines and quotas, but Hanover rewards its employees with fun and excitement to help counterbalance that work place environment.” – Abbey Swan, Ballston Office Manager

“Hanover field day was a blast! With all of our growth, it was great to start putting faces with emails and phone calls. As for the unexpected, I actually hit Sid with a water-balloon which is kind of a miracle because I don’t think I’ve ever hit a moving target before in my life. It was fun to see everyone cut loose and get competitive, especially the executives. You could tell how much pride they took in their departments which is something that can sometimes get lost in the shuffle day-to-day so it’s nice to have that reminder that, at the end of the day, you couldn’t ask for a better ‘champion.’ The other thing that I think I was struck by is how many true friendships exist at Hanover. A lot of companies out there talk about their culture because they’re ‘cordial’ with each other, but seeing everyone mingling inter-departmentally… It just reminds you how lucky we are to work with friends. It goes a lot deeper than just not being awkward at Happy Hour. People like coming to work each day because we’re surrounded by great people who aren’t afraid to be excited about the amazing things going on at Hanover.” –Betty Jeanne Manning, Manager, Sales Support

“Overall, it was a lot of fun to get to know people from other teams and put our research brains to use outside of the office. Capture the flag was the best part of field day, in my opinion. The Research teams put their analytical minds to use, coming up with the optimal strategies for stealing the other team’s flag. Though the game did stalemate a few times, Cam’s team took a calculated risk that led them to win the first game. Because it was such a hit, the Research teams played two round of Capture the Flag.” –Callie Uffman, Research Associate

“Field Day gives people the opportunity to interact in a different way so that people get to know one another across departments. It helps to release stress and tension and gets people working together out of the office. It can help people to problem-solve as a team and transfer that back into the workplace.” – Kim Tracy, Manager, HR Special Projects

“Field Day was awesome! Catfish, part of the Field Day staff, was a great guy, and an exceptional leader!” -Mike Byington, Content Analyst, Primary Research

“Field day was a great idea.  Who doesn’t enjoy spending a work afternoon acting like a kid and playing games? The best part was the hot dogs.  Definitely the hot dogs.” –Derek Damron, Senior Content Analyst, Quantitative

“The best part about Field Day was playing soccer with and against Sales and having a company happy hour afterwards!” –Noah Vegh-Gaynor, Research Associate

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