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Hanover’s Spanish Table

On the third Tuesday of every month, Hanover employees meet to discuss projects, plans, and travel… in Spanish! The monthly Spanish Table (or Mesa Española) was created in January 2015 as a monthly meeting for Hanoverians across all divisions who are looking to practice their Spanish language skills.

The table is open to learners and fluent speakers alike, many of whom share their experiences traveling, working, and living in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Spain. Conversation rarely lags; as McKinley, a Senior Primary Research Associate, notes: “Because we’re all there to practice our Spanish, few topics are off limits.”

Spanish Table is one of many options Hanover offers staff who want to explore their “extracurricular” interests. Senior Content Analyst Mark notes, “I think a lot of people feel disappointed watching their foreign language skills deteriorate as they get further from opportunities to practice regularly—say, in college. Mesa Española provides a fun, no-pressure atmosphere to get back in touch with one’s inner hispanohablante.”

Senior Primary Research Associate Sarah sums it up best when she says, “The Spanish Table has given me the opportunity to practice my Spanish in a fun, casual, judgment-free group, helping me not only keep up with my Spanish and impress my friends in Argentina, but also allowing me to meet new people at Hanover I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to interact with.”

Basically — ¡Qué divertido!

By Patricia Sever
Senior Research Associate, Primary

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