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How do you impact the world ? Do you add value every day?


I recently re-read Daniel H Pink’s “To Sell is Human” and was reminded how far sales has come since the days of door-to-door salesmen and slick-talking car salesmen stereotypes. Today, information is everywhere so a good salesperson needs to be able to connect with his/her client and understand their business needs first instead of trying to just dazzle them with shiny packaging and a good pitch.

When thinking about a sales role at Hanover, it is easy to assume that Hanover’s sales teams sell our services to a wide variety of clients but this isn’t really true. Our sales teams add value to their prospective clients every day. They listen to their needs and pains, they educate our clients and serve as market research consultants to inform executives about ways information and data can help them achieve their goals. They are driven to serve their clients, whether they buy from us or not. Our clients also see the value in their relationships with Hanover and see it as a partnership, not just a vendor exchange of service.

“A lot of the smaller colleges with whom we work face limited resources and are tuition-dependent. When Hanover provides them with actionable data and analysis that allows them to solve a problem, I see the magnitude of the impact we’re making. I love getting feedback like, ‘I don’t know how we could have done this without you,’ and ‘This means a lot to our planning committee.’ And that happens a lot.” 

– Annie Garner, Senior Director, Business Development, Education Practices

“My K-12 sales team continuously discusses and shares practices, ideas, programs, and initiatives that are in place or are being established to improve our nation’s public education system and ultimately increase student learning gains. My role represents the forefront of where Hanover is currently, and is the pathway for the direction we are going with K-12.”

– Blair Milam, Managing Director, Business Development, Education Practices

I love working for a company that puts clients first every day and that places such an emphasis on service. If you are interested in making an impact each day, consider a career with us.

Written by Marcelle Wood, Chief Human Resources Officer
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