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Intern Life: Five Tips to a Successful Internship with Hanover Research

Nesh Patel

As my internship at Hanover Research comes to an end after nearly two months, I have learned a few tips to succeed here at Hanover. Here are my top five tips to making the most out of your internship experience:

1)      Take advantage of training week. Training week at Hanover is an incredibly intensive five-day training session where you will be taught everything about the company… and I mean EVERYTHING. You will get a history of the company, overview of the workplace culture, formatting and style workshops for reports, and intro lessons on Excel, MarketSight, and more. Truthfully, this is a hard week, but if you take advantage of it and embrace it, it might be the most practical knowledge you will ever learn in a five day period.

2)      Keep going to workshops and lessons. One of the best qualities about the Hanover Research internship is that they are trying to make your internship as meaningful as possible. They do this by providing classes on different programs including Excel, R, SurveyGizmo, Qualtrics, etc. Attend as many as you can. The trainers are expert practitioners and the sessions are geared for all levels of user.

3)      Pay attention to the Intern Brown Bag Series. Hanover holds a series of lunch and learns sessions where each department of the company teaches interns what they do for the company and how they are integral to Hanover. For instance, last week the interns learned about the Sales department, their strategy when it comes to sales, and the process by which they approach clients. We have also had lunch and learns with Content, Partner Solutions, Grants, and Human Resources. You can learn a lot about the overall company through these lunches, so pay attention.

4)      Talk to your coworkers. Because you work independently on many of the projects that are given to you, it is possible to go through this internship and not know the name of the coworker sitting next to you. But get to know as many people as possible! The coworkers here are just like you: young, energetic, and fun. So talk to the person in the cubicle next to you, plan events with coworkers, and got to Hanover sponsored events, like Day of Service and Field Day.

5)      Ask for work you want to do. When you are given a project at Hanover, you usually have a Content Director or Project Leader as your supervisor. Learn to talk to these supervisors and tell them about your interests when working because they will respond by giving you projects that fit your interests. Also, always contact someone if you do not have anything to do. Someone will give you something immediately. There is always work to do at Hanover; you just have to ask for it.

Remember these tips and you will be sure to get a lot out of your internship with Hanover Research. Good luck, class of 2015!

-By Nesh Patel, Research Intern, MIC

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