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July Lunch & Learn: Learning and Development (L&D)

July Lunch And Learn

July’s Lunch and Learn focused on the new and burgeoning Learning and Development (L&D) department. Experts in both research and sales serve on this team. Natasha Kolar, the Manager of Content Learning and Development, and Rachel Lopez, Content Learning and Development Specialist, discussed the Content side of L&D. Brian Dauer, Development Support Manager, and John Erik Sunder, Development Support Analyst, focused on the Sales/Development side of L&D.

The Content and Development side of L&D both aim to provide trainings that advance professional growth and improve work outputs. Content L&D works towards this goal by implementing training and workshops, supporting knowledge sharing, and providing feedback and coaching. Examples of these different facets of training include:

  • Training and Workshops: A two-part Excel series is an integral part of new hire training that all new Content hires receive during their first week at Hanover.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The Survey Knowledge Sharing Workshop meets once a month to review a different aspect of survey analysis or learn more about a survey analysis software.
  • Feedback and Coaching: Natasha meets new hires for weekly check-ins for their first six weeks to review edits on their completed reports and give them guidance on managing their workflow.

Development L&D focuses on similar training areas, facilitating new hire onboarding and ongoing training. Brian and John Erik hone associates’ outreach tactics and improve their phone presence, train them to effectively use Salesforce, and develop their knowledge of Content’s products. Development L&D also engages in career pathing discussions with Development and Sales Associates. Both sides of L&D aim to make work a little more fun by organizing team outings and happy hours!

Departmental training opportunities can also be found in the Client Solutions team. Check out the blog on the Client Solutions team for more details!

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