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June Community Service Event: Get Out and Paint!

With sun shining and paint dripping, 14 volunteers from Hanover Research took a few steps back to enjoy the results of their hard work. For Hanover’s June community service event, we stepped right into the mission of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), “Building community through the arts,” and it showed. The freshly painted iron fence around the perimeter of CHAW undoubtedly boasts of our creativity and teamwork.

On Saturday, June 14th, Hanoverians paired up to tackle the worn black posts with vibrant coats of red, yellow, blue, and grey, giving the building an extra dose of artistic fun! The volunteer activity was a wonderful opportunity for those of us that appreciate working outdoors and getting a little messy. Some of us Jackson Pollocks were a little messier than others, requiring a few additional touch ups and clean ups here and there! Even so, our team assembled as needed and tested our best brush techniques to create a beautiful final product.

We finished the job in a few hours, leaving the noon hour for lunch at nearby District Taco – the perfect stopping point for our weekend adventure.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, and stay tuned for entries about upcoming Hanover Research community service events!

–          Audrey Ngeow (Senior Grants Research Associate) 


CHAW group


Kristen and Rachel




finished fence

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